Rwanda - Coocamu Cooperative

Apricot, raisin, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, nectarine, complex

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Roast :  Light
Process :  Washed
Region :  Lake Kivu Area, Western Province
Producer : Coocamu Cooperative
Variety :  Bourbon
Altitude : 1500-1820 masl
Recommended Brew Method : Pour Over or Espresso

This beautiful coffee from Coocamu Cooperative not only makes an extremely tasty complex cup, but also embodies so much of what we value in pursuing transformation in coffee.  Like this coffee, Rwandas history is complex but is showing tremendous beauty.  The engagement with the Coocamu cooperative was birthed out of a shared vision of our sourcing partners at Crop to Cup and the head of the Kopakama Cooperative.  Crop to Cup wanted to pursue farming groups that had less access to US markets where the impact could be greatest.  The director of Kopakama had a project recommendation called Coocamu that fit the bill perfectly and coincidently he had been supportive of as a passion project.  The story goes on and is complex and beautiful but long story short, this cooperative is not only showing unbelievable cup quality in the their coffees but also in their eagerness to doggedly keep pursuing higher and higher quality in years to come.  We are excited for what this coffee is today and only dream of what is to come!

Please note: to ensure your coffee arrives as fresh as possible coffees are roasted to order. Coffee is roasted Tuesday, packaged Wednesday, and shipped on Thursday. Orders will be filled as quickly as possible depending on availability but please note that order arriving after Monday may be filled the following week.

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