Ethiopia - Qonqana Natural Sidama

Blueberry, passionfruit, lemon curd, honey, lavender, and chocolate ganache

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Please note: to ensure your coffee arrives as fresh as possible coffees are roasted to order. Coffee is roasted Tuesday, packaged Wednesday, and shipped on Thursday. Orders will be filled as quickly as possible depending on availability but please note that order arriving after Monday may be filled the following week.

Roast :  Light

Region :  Daye Village, Sidama

Producer :  Qonqana Washing Station

Variety :  74/158, 74/110, Mikicho, and Setami

Altitude :  1850-1950 masl

Process :  Natural

Preparation Recommendations :  Kalita or Chemex

We are extremely excited to be bringing you this beautiful natural coffee from Qonqana washing station sourced through Catalyst Trade. When I first talked to Emily and Michael (who along with their partner Zele make up Catalyst trade) the first thing that hit me was that they care...passionately. They care about their producer partners not because they grow great coffee, although they do, but because they are genuine friends who have engaged in life together.  They care about quality and want it to be celebrated and rewarded (they also have a heck of a knack for finding and/or cultivating it).  And, they care about their roasting partners getting the best quality, best fitting coffees to their shop partners.  The theme her, excellence through high transparency, mutually beneficial genuine relationships and we couldn't be more pleased to be one of them.


Over the past few years the Ethiopian market has decentralized allowing more direct and continued connection for the benefit of producers and increased quality and sustainability.  Catalyst immediately seized this opportunity to participate in this direct structure by paying premiums on all coffees purchased and additionally for quality, tripling the daily wages of producers.  All we can say from our end is these interconnected relationships along with incentives have produced an absolutely beautiful coffee!  The quality of this coffee is unmatched in a beautiful cup with notes of blueberry, passionfruit, lemon curd, honey, lavender, and chocolate ganache!  This is truly a can't miss coffee!

10-4 Farmers Initiative

This is no marketing gimmick. For every 12oz bag of Open Seas coffee you drink we are actually giving an average of 210 L of clean drinking water to real villagers in one of our source countries.  That is over 35 days worth of potable water per bag. Through our 10-4Farmers Initiative we are investing 10% of our gross profits into sustainable water filtration systems for coffee farming communities and surrounding areas.  Click here for more details.    

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