El Salvador - Carlos Mendez

Cinnamon roll, almond, chocolate, caramel, and citrus in a sweet full cup.

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Roast :  Light

Region :  Ataco, Ahuachapan

Producer :  Carlos Mendez Florez, San Carlos Farm

Relationship Level : Directly Traded, Imported with Ally Coffee

Variety :  Cuscatleco

Altitude :  1350 masl

Process :  Semi-Washed

Preparation Recommendations :  Kalita Wave

Over the past few years we been building relationship with Carlos and pursuing his award winning coffees (winner of El Salvador Cup of Excellence).  After several years of extraordinary cuppings followed by purchasing timing mishaps we are extremely excited to add this coffee to our menu.  Carlos and his teams experience show through clearly in this extremely sweet and full cup with notes of cinnamon roll like sweetness, almond, chocolate, caramel, and a slight pop of citrus that is certain to please!

Please note: to ensure your coffee arrives as fresh as possible coffees are roasted to order. Coffee is roasted Tuesday, packaged Wednesday, and shipped on Thursday. Orders will be filled as quickly as possible depending on availability but please note that order arriving after Monday may be filled the following week.

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