Colombia Purple Caturra Natural- Monteblanco Farm

Berry, Concord grape, cinnamon, and cream in a clean delicate cup.

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Roast :  Light

Region :  Huila

Producer :  Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia, Finca Monteblanco

Variety :  Purple Caturra

Altitude :  1730 masl

Process :  Natural

Preparation Recommendations :  Chemex

This is hands down one of the most special coffees we've carried. Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia is a third generation and his dedication to produce immaculate coffees consistently shines through brightly in this coffee.  Purple Caturra is a variety of Caturra that opens to a deep purple color and Rodrigo selects the ones with the highest sugar contents to devote this incredibly natural micro-lot.  Each year  Monteblanco Farm produces coffees used in competitions around the world and this one serves as a great example as to why.  This is one of only 15 bags in the entire country and their dedication to every detail shines through brightly in this cup that is one of the most striking coffees we have carried to date.


Please note: to ensure your coffee arrives as fresh as possible coffees are roasted to order. Coffee is roasted Tuesday, packaged Wednesday, and shipped on Thursday. Orders will be filled as quickly as possible depending on availability but please note that order arriving after Monday may be filled the following week.

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