Open Seas Summer

Strawberry, caramel, vanilla, marzipan, and brown sugar in a sugary crisp cup

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Please note: to ensure your coffee arrives as fresh as possible coffees are roasted to order. Coffee is roasted Tuesday, packaged Wednesday, and shipped on Thursday. Orders will be filled as quickly as possible depending on availability but please note that order arriving after Monday may be filled the following week.

Roast :  Light

Region :  Huehuetenango (Guatemala) and Gakenke (Burundi)

Producer :  Gaspar Rafael Garcia and 175 smallholder farmers 

Variety :  Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Pache

Altitude :  1100-2000 masl

Process :  Washed and Natural

Preparation Recommendations :  Kalita

Summer is upon us and marks our anniversary of releasing our Seasonal line of coffees. With each change of weather we are releasing a coffee that embodies the taste and feeling of the season.  Summer is a lively sweet crisp cup that I may even dare say is refreshing.  It presents notes of strawberry, caramel, vanilla, marzipan and brown sugar with a crisp clean acidity that is perfect as a morning pour over or an iced afternoon pick me up on a hot afternoon.

10-4 Farmers Initiative

This is no marketing gimmick. For every 12oz bag of Open Seas coffee you drink we are actually giving an average of 210 L of clean drinking water to real villagers in one of our source countries.  That is over 35 days worth of potable water per bag. Through our 10-4Farmers Initiative we are investing 10% of our gross profits into sustainable water filtration systems for coffee farming communities and surrounding areas.  Click here for more details.    

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                                                 Product photo credit: Andrew Wackett                                                                                                                                                            All coffee sold as whole bean,12oz bag

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